Monday, April 9, 2012

New Works Review

What really enjoyed about this six weeks was the instrument project. It was really interesting to make a instrument and see everyones originality while making it. Some people came up with some really cool instruments. They put some real time into it and it showed in the project. I made a tambourine named Tammy the Tambourine. I had a band with Sam, Dylan, and Savannah. It included a tambourine, a bottle drum, a shaker, and a candy cane clarinet. It was so fun to interact with people and see what you could do with so many options. I personally loved this projectmusic-image1-1024x728.jpg

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Space Project

To make my project better I think I could have put my poem with the music while I was dancing. So maybe I could have used Garage Band to put my voice over some music. That way when I performed I wouldn't have to stop and read then dance, but just put it all together.

I think Heathers was one of the best because I really liked her stage presence and what she brought to the table. It was really interesting when she threw the paper showing her real anger and real emotion.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nu Works: Space

These two weeks have been really interesting. I really enjoyed Mrs. Jallivand class because we explored cyber space and created blogs. Which I am creating my first blog this very second. We really learned about how to work the space. The next space adventure we went on was the deepest place of space...our imagination. We imagined what the teacher was saying but it was different for everyone. Although these were fun I would have to say exploring space with dance was my favorite. We got to run, leap, and jog.